With our partners, we design, build and transform unused spaces in high density neigborhood to productive and environmentally friendly farms


We created win-win partnership platform with great Return of Investment to all our building and land owners in urban areas.


We develop and operate highly efficient and environmentally friendly vertical greenhouses to grow daily and healthy consumable produce


We research various clean and healthy crops that can be efficiently grown in our greenhouses: pok choy, water spinach (kangkung), mustard greens (sawi) and many more 

Who we are ? designs, builds and operates state of the art vertical greenhouses on roof tops and parcel of lands in high-density neighborhoods.

We work with our partners to grow produce that is locally grown, sold and distributed to our customers.

We use latest advancement in cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) to monitor and operate all our greenhouses.

Ladang Farm’s Greenhouse in South of Jakarta

Leafy Greens and Herbs


Win-Win Recipe

The best kept secret for successful Partnership is a Win-Win formula for all stakeholders. We use simple yet well-proven formula for success.

BUILD & OPERATE in most cases does not own roof tops nor a piece of land for vertical greenhouses. We partner with building and land owners to construct and operate vertical farms on partners roof tops or land.

structure in general offer two partnership forms:

(1) Revenue Sharing: whereby Building/Land Owners have to invest in vertical farms built and operated by

(2) Rental: rent unused space for several years and build and operate vertical farms


It is a Win for building owners as we transform unused space such as roof tops to efficiently grow our produce


It is a Win for building owners as we transform unused space such as roof tops to efficiently grow our produce


One of the key advantages in Ladang Vertical Farming is to make good use of unproductive spaces in urban settings

Site Acquisition and Survey

During site acquisition, we conduct thorough survey of potential sites from multiple aspects: safety, accessibility, location and economics to determine the feasibility of the site

Design and Construction

Depending on the building and its location,  we design and construct the most efficient greenhouses from space and yield perspective so that the operation is sustainable and highly efficient.

Automated Operation

We continuously develop our Software and Electronics in order to automate our Production and Operation processes. This is crucial in order to reduce manual intervention and achieve the desired efficiency and consistency

A few things we’re great at

Ladang’s vertical greenhouses have many advantages compared to conventional farms

Efficiency & Yield

Our greenhouses are able to produce crops at 10x rate than conventional farming


While we are able to produce at 10x rate, thanks to water recycling, we are able to minimize energy and water consumption at 10% of conventional farms

No Herbicide

We guarantee that our produce is free of herbicide

No Pesticide

In addition to this, we gurantee that we don’t use pesticide in our production

Plenty of Crop Varieties

We are consistently able to produce various crops throughout the year

Leafy and Salad Vegetables

Leafy Greens are the most consumed vegetables such as pok choy, lettuce, water spinach (Kangkung), spinach, etc.


There are various fruits that are grown in greenhouse such as bell peppers, chili pepers, tomatoes, etc.

Podded Vegetables

We also can grow podded vegetables such as green beans, okra, edamame, etc.

Contact us

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